New Cath Lab in Cody

A large grant will stop long trips to Billings for some Wyoming heart attack victims.

The 1.5 million dollar grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust will create a new cardiac cauterization lab at the Cody Regional Health Hospital.

The lab is under construction. It will allow doctors to provide a diagnosis when a patient has a heart attack. The lab will provide some of the surgical procedures in Cody. Heart patients who need stints, pacemakers, and other heart surgeries now have to be flown to Billings, or be driven 100 miles in an ambulance.

Cody Regional Health Spokesman Keith Ungrund said, “We’ll be able to do things like insert cardiac stints for those cardiac arteries that are blocked, or perform angioplasty, which is basically being able to open up a clogged coronary artery.”

CEO Doug McMillan said the new cath lab will open this spring, after the cardiologists and support staff are hired. Billings Clinic in Billing will train the staff.