New Casper City Manager Takes Over

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Casper's new city manager has plans to hire new police and fire chiefs.
Cartier Napier takes charge in his new role and has ideas for helping the city get back on track.

"It's been great getting re-acquainted with folks here in the community."
Carter Napier takes reign as Casper's new city manager.

His first order of business: hiring both new Casper Police and Fire chiefs.

"That’s certainly among the priorities. Diving into the budget is also a big priority for me"

Napier is from Gillette where he served as their city administrator since 2011.

He ran for Casper city manager nearly three years ago, but backed out and stayed in Gillette.

As the new manager, he says he'll address problems after turmoil rose with the F.O.P. survey criticizing former Police Chief Jim Wetzel.

And also after the former municipal court manager forced to take money for invalid citations.

"I've got some ideas that I'm looking into and I'm certainly asking a lot of questions I'm trying to absorb what it is that I can find out about the organization, and how things are going."

Napier also hopes for communication improvement between city government officials, and citizens when dealing with city affairs.

"That will be a feature of my management style if you will. I think the community needs to know and be aware."

Napier has served in Casper before as an assistant to the city manager years ago. Council members say with his knowledge, he brings a lot to the table."

"I've known carter for a while and I remembered his history because he started out here in Casper. He knows the state, he knows the economy and I think that's just going to be good for us."

And as he begins work, he says it feels like home so far.

"How appreciative I am of the community for their welcoming me and embracing what I potentially bring to the table."

He also looks forward to working with city council, and receiving their feedback for moving Casper in a new direction.

Napier also served as Riverton's city administrator before working in Gillette.