New Bill Could Change Requirements for Medicaid

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. If the bill becomes law, able-bodied adults under 65 without small children would have to work, go to school, receive job training, or volunteer at least 20 hours per week to remain eligible for Medicaid.

“It’s very encompassing from a standpoint of what we’re trying to do is to provide opportunities to people to move up the economic scale.” Said Senator Larry Hicks.

However, not everyone agrees.

The bills opponents think these requirements are too burdensome and cause some to lose coverage.

“Puts, what I think, are some unfair and very restrictive categories on a bill for people, you know, for people right now that are in tough situations.” Said Senator Mike Gierau.

Hicks disagrees, saying the bill provides multiple opportunities to stay eligible.

“Here’s your opportunities. You have all kinds of opportunities with junior colleges, faith-based organizations that will help shepherd these people and work them through the process, so there is a support system out there.” He said.

“It puts hurdles in front of them that people that are in this situation shouldn’t have to content with based on their own personal lives… or things that have happened in their personal lives, and that’s just not right.” Countered Gierau.

The bill does provide exceptions for pregnant women, parents with young children, those with disabilities or serious medical condition, or someone participating in a drug or alcohol treatment program.