New Bill Aims to Protect Animals from Cruelty

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A new bill has been signed into law which makes animal cruelty more punishable than it already is.

The recent bill states, a person who commits aggravated cruelty to animals if they shoot, poison, or intentionally injures any livestock or domesticated animal owned by another person.

Police Officer Clifford Glarrow told News 13, “What this means is if an animal is where it's supposed to be and someone comes in and shoots, poisons, or otherwise is cruel to that animal, it's against the law, which is something that we agree with. If the animal is allowed to be there, someone can't just come in and hurt that animal."

Officer Glarrow said it's a good thing that the bill adds more limitations on what people can do to the animals.

"We take every crime seriously, including animal cruelty crime, so we investigate it to its fullest as it would be any other crime. We do take these types of things very seriously," added Glarrow.

Local veterinarians said they do occasionally see animals being brought in due to abuse.

Dr. Randall Verink commented, “Most of the cases I'd say we tend to see, there might be a case of mental illness with the people, sometimes they have anger issues and they take it out on animals."

Dr. Verink said the Animal Defense League rates the states by their welfare laws every year.

"In 2016, Wyoming was ranked 48 out of 50. So I think what the legislators are doing is a great thing, trying to bring them more in line with the rest of the country."

He also said this bill is definitely a step in the right direction.

"I just think it's a good thing because animals, they're kind of like our children. They can't defend themselves against a human, and with these laws and everything, hopefully the incidents of bad things will decrease. Make people feel a little bit better," concluded Dr. Verink.

This act will be effective starting July 1st of this year.