Need Emergency Care? Walk-In Care Units Found Around Casper

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Chest pains and headaches can get treated during a visit to the emergency room.

However to avoid possible large crowds during the eclipse both Wyoming Medical Center and Community Health Center of Central Wyoming staffs have different action plans.

Walk-in medical clinics will be open with special hours to accommodate eclipse crowds.

They're for only non-emergencies such as burns dehydration and broken bones.

Casper doctors say their purpose is to provide the best medical care possible.

"People can get health care rather than having to go to the ER for stuff that’s less emergent” says Travis Scoresby with Wyoming Medical Center.

Saying wait times will virtually be nonexistent.

"We’re fully staffed and the wait time on Sunday is gonna be short."
Doctors at Wyoming Medical Center say if you have a minor injury or illness its best to seek medical attention at one of their walk-in clinics.

Dr. Andy Dunn and his staff wants "to keep the emergency room open for traumas, heart attacks, strokes, acute issues that need medical services."

So what injuries can be treated at a walk-in clinic?

Dr. Dunn says the walk-in clinics are best for treating "fractures, lacerations, dehydration, some upset illness any kind of respiratory, any kind of viral type illness symptoms, cough, indigestion those things we can handle as well."

Doctor Dunn adds that they'll give the best care for locals and visitors in town.

The walk-ins clinics are located at Sage Primary Care, Mesa Immediate Care and CHCCW.