Natrona County Woman Running for School Board

Many twenty-two-year-old college graduates don't know what to do with their life after college, yet we spoke to one recent college grad who is looking to make a difference, by running for school board.

After college, recent graduates often times struggle finding their dream job, but Kianna Smith is focused on running to make a difference in the district.

"I’ve always been interested in education and I’ve followed the school board ever since I was a student here in the district. It's something I’m really passionate about and I thought it be something interesting to get involved in."

Smith understands the reason for changes within the school district, but feels they may have been preventable.

"The school board was kind of forced to make this decision. It was definitely and unfortunate decision. It was probably the only decision that they could of made given the circumstances but I think that had we'd made better choices back in 2013 2014 they might have been able to avoid having to close those schools."

She considers herself a strong candidate with platforms focusing on several different items.

"Autonomy for parent as well as just for schools and a district as whole responsibilities I want to listen to the people in the community get their input definitely focus more on transparency so that the community can be involved."

Most school board member are a bit older than twenty-two, but Smith says that's not a disadvantage to her.

"I bring a fresh perspective just because I graduated four years ago I’ve been able to see how the decision have affected students directly so I think I can help bring that perspective to the board."

Smith is set to challenge at least four incumbents.

Natrona County School Board elections are November 6th.

The deadline to file is in August, but it’s still unknown who will run for re-election out of the current board members.