Natrona County Residents Ask Roads To Be Fixed

Some Natrona County residents ask officials to fix roads in their neighborhood.

The residents, living in a subdivision off Salt creek Highway south of U.S. 20-26, say roads haven't improved.

"It's bad. The county won't come up here and do anything at all. And you know as individual homeowners, we can't afford to do it."

That's what Sharon Cowdin says about roads in her neighborhood.

The subdivision, located between west Yellowstone Highway and U.S. Highway 20-26, is an unincorporated area near mills. Residents ask Natrona County for help, but leaders say they don't oversee those roads.

"No we don't. Those are subdivision roads. some of them are maintained by homeowners associations and some of them are maintained by private people."

But Sharon Cowdin, who's lived there for nearly twenty years, says they can't afford it.

"We try and do a little as we can, but we really can't afford to haul in the tons and tons of gravel it would take to fix them."

And Cowdin has seen county leaders help, but she says it wasn't much.

"The first four or five years we were up here, the county came up and grade the roads a couple times a year, but then they decided with budget cuts and everything that it was going to be up to us. They've just gotten progressively worse ever since."

And Haigler says Natrona County leaders created ways to help

"The county has a mechanism where you can apply for a district, form a district and once you get a district formed, you're eligible to apply for up to $25,000 and money is from county commissioners."

"When we came up with that matching fund policy we did advertisement on that. We've only had one subdivision come do it."
Although it wasn't Cowdin's subdivision, she still wants something done.

"Well I like to see them come up here and at least grade the roads once, you know once or twice a year. We're not asking them to haul in a bunch of gravel and redo them completely, but it'll be nice if they grade them once and a while."

News 13 did reach out to Natrona County Commissioners. The commissioners say it's up to the neighborhood road programs to maintain it.