Natrona County High School Received a Shooting Threat on Tuesday

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CASPER, Wyo. Natrona County school officials and Casper police received reports Tuesday of a potential shooting at a Wednesday assembly at Natrona County High School.

"Casper Police Department determined that there was not a viable threat to Natrona County High School or other NCSD schools at this time regarding the social media rumor." Explained Tanya Southerland, the NCSD Spokesperson. "However as a precautionary measure... we did increase law enforcement at Natrona County High School as well as at Kelly Walsh High School."

"We're watching out for all schools. Anytime we get a perceived threat at one school, we want to make sure that all schools are being watched just in case that someone's trying to do a diversionary tactic from one school to another one." Said Detective John Hatcher of the Casper Police Department.

We can report threats using 'Safe-to-Tell's' tip line or app. The multi-state program may be the reason we hear about so many threats.

"We are becoming very aware of suspicious behavior or threats that are posted on social media and stuff. And so we are taking efforts to report those when we see those and 'Safe-to-Tell' Wyoming is an absolute resource for us." Southerland commented.

The district also plans to add more school resource officers in 2019.

The assembly went on as scheduled.

There was also another threat reported to Midwest schools on Tuesday night, but it was deemed not credible.