Natrona County Fire District Team up With Local Brewery to Raise Money for Campfire Victims

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CASPER, Wyo. One of the deadliest fires in California history burned more than 153 thousand acres, killed at least eighty five people, and destroyed thirteen thousand homes.

Many of our community members were affected by this tragic event and Natrona County fire district staff is partnering with a local brewery to show support.

"Natrona County fire district is pleased to partner up with skull tree brewery to bring awareness for this fund-raiser that is helping raise awareness and funds for victims of the campfire back in 2018." Said Leighton Burgen.

Fourteen hundred breweries around the world volunteered to participate in the campfire fundraiser.

One hundred percent of the money raised from the beer called resilience through the Sierra Nevada will be donated to campfire fund for those in need.

Natrona County fire district members remind us to drink responsibly.