Natrona County Deputies Teach Parents How to Keep Children Safe With Phones and Apps

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CASPER, Wyo. Students, parents, and staff got a crash course in the dangers of modern technology.

"I kind of need to step up how much supervision that we're proving to our kids for what they are doing online." Said jill Gray, a parent of a Natrona County student.

Cell phone apps are dangerous too.

"Those apps have the terms and conditions that they don't ever read. I mean, I'm guilty of it myself. And they don't understand that some of them say that they actually own those pictures." Explained Natrona County Deputy Michael Scott. "And so when they actually put out pictures out on their cell phones or the internet then those pictures are always out there."

The consequences can catastrophic.

"You never know who's going to show those pictures to anybody but as a juvenile, I mean, they could be all the way considered as child pornography." Warned Scott.

After learning those dangers, Gray says her son will be deleting at least one app.

"Well he's currently on Snapchat and I think after tonight he's not going to be on it anymore so yeah it is scary." She said.

Scott recommends closely monitoring your kid's devices.

It is a misdemeanor for kids to possess naked images of other teens.