Natrona County Commissioner Candidate Forum

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The forum began with each candidate saying a little something about themselves.
Democratic party candidates Linda Shogren O’ Grady and Terry Wingerter
Republican party candidates Forrest Chadwick and Matt Keating.
And Linda Bergeron for the constitution party, all five candidates vying for the two open seats in the Natrona County Commission.
There are some things that have to be done if they're gonna be done right from day one to the end date
“The philosophy of the county commission we have an obligation of course to take care of everybody's business,” said Chadwick.
“The city council council and county commission for a total of 28 years i served 8 years on the city council and 20 years as county commissioner,” said Wingerter.
“I did go to school here i served on the fire department for 25 years at 18 years my wife asked me to run for the county commission,” said Keating.
“I truly believe that with the constant accepting grant money and the things that are attached to that grant money that we are losing our property rights,” said Bergeron.
Residents who came out to ask questions were interested in several different topics, one of which was planning and zoning.
Commission candidates all believe there needs to be some type of set plan for residential, commercial, and industrial structures.