Casper-Natrona County International Airport Prepares for Emergencies

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CASPER, Wyo. It starts with monthly drills.

Firefighters must know each aircraft so they're ready for anything.

"We look at things that really what could happen here. We don't want to put too much into a scenario that's like, well, all these things wouldn't happen at once. Especially because then you get confused about what you were actually training for in that one and did you actually learn something in that training if you put too much into it." Explained Aaron Buck, The Casper-Natrona County International Airport Deputy Director.

And their vehicles aren't normal firetrucks.

"We have two of them. They both have 1500 gallons of water on them... 200 gallons of a-triple-f foam, which is specifically used for aircraft fires."

But it's not just about preparing for an emergency.

It's also preventing one.

"Runway inspections are done daily. There's daytime inspections and nighttime inspections and periodic inspections where we go out and check the airfield for foreign object debris orr otherwise known as fod, or even ruts or cracks in the pavement. They're checked... Monitored daily and logged."

And though we don't generally hear about them, they deal with many unexpected landings.

"Whether it's weather or an emergency for a light in the aircraft telling them it's an emergency, they all operate the same."

And they're prepared for whatever comes at them.

Buck says firefighters also must be on alert, as the airport is used for testing prototype aircraft.