Natrona County Administrators Say Punishment of Some Students Was Unacceptable

CASPER, Wyo. For the past few weeks, students sat on the floor during their lunch break because of some food fights.

Administrators, students, and parents wonder if this punishment was the right call.

There are photos that upset John Creamer taken by his daughter.

They show ninth-graders at Natrona County High School sitting on the floor during lunch as a punishment.

He confronted Natrona County Schoool District Administrators.

"I asked my daughter on Friday when she got home, that Monday, when she returned to school if it was to happen again, to send me photos of this happening: students sitting on the floor, eating their lunch." Said Creamer.

Students can choose where they sit for lunch, including the floor, but this punishment gave students only two options- the floor or the stairs.

The principle will now work with faculty and school district leaders to prevent another incident like this.

"As messes continued, in an effort to better monitor where kids were, they confined the area that kids were in. And I found out they actually did put up some of the actual lunch tables. So we have made sure that practice doesn't occur again." Explained Shannon Harris, the principle of Natrona County High School.

Some students say the punishment went a little too far.

"I see a lot of kids get really upset. There have been kids that have stopped eating because they have nowhere to sit." Explained Trysta Creamer, a student at the high school. "And I just think it's really disrespectful of the teachers to sit there and laugh when kids have to eat on the floor."

Kids are happy to see things going in the right direction.

The principal says parents, teachers, staff, and students still have plenty to learn from the incident.

She also says she just learned of the incident last night.

She has had discussions with her staff about avoiding a repeat of the situation, but she also notes students need to be more careful with their behavior.