National Nurses Week in Wyoming

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National Nurses Week is all about celebrating some crucial caregivers in our community.

News 13's Justin Roth highlights some of the local nurses at Wyoming Medical Center.

"If it weren't for nurses I wouldn't be able to do my job. Period."

That's what Dr. Charles Bowkley, a Interventionist Radiologist says.

Nursing is the focus on individuals and families along with quality of life. Brittany Gernier is a Registered Nurse and says, "Seeing your patient super super sick and then you see them walk out of the hospital a week or a month later its really really rewarding."

It certainly comes with its string of challenges though, "We're watching where their oxygen at where their blood pressures at" says, Shelley Whitlire a Registered Nurse adding, "So were in constant contact with the doctor letting them know if the patients okay if we need to adjust medications or add something so were vital role in keeping track of the patients vitals signs during a procedure."

Dr Bowkley praises his nurses daily, "Nurses tend to every care and need of the patient when the physician is focus on doing his or her job his out their attention to the patients detail we wouldn't be able to get 100% to what the patient actually need during the procedures."

In hospitals, everyone works hard, but everyone is human and has a reason they are doing what they are doing.

For Brittany is was watching her grandma, "Growing up my grandma was pretty sick and so we would go to the hospital they would have lots of nurses take care of her 24 hours a day and i saw how great they took care of my grandmother and family."

Casper College Nursing Program graduates walked this afternoon and Melissa Chaney and always known helping people was in her blood she says, "I just know I've always wanted to take care of people and i worked at the Wyoming Kidney Center for a long time and it's just always been one of those things I've felt like I've meant to do."

As for Whitlire she doesn't need a National Nurses Week she says, "To see what we can do it brings tears to my eyes to be able to give that kind of care to a patient ."

The only thing any of these amazing people want is to help you.

National Nurses Week began in 1991.