NCSD Talk About School Safety After Santa Fe Shooting

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The school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas brings school safety front and center of our minds.

News 13's Justin Roth spoke with representatives across Casper charged with keeping your children safe.

The scene in Texas Friday is something all too common nowadays in america. Rep. Debbie Bovee (D) of District 36 began to tear up while saying, "I have grand-kids in our school system, and people that I love, yeah that scares me."

Natrona County School District has two school resource officers for the district, with more coming. Det. John Hatcher of Casper Police Department adds, "Our officers are split up in this town between east side and west side so next year were going to be adding two more so we'll have one at Natrona County High School full time and one at Kelly Walsh High School and the other two will split between the other schools."

Back in Texas the Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has blamed the shooting on everything from violent video games, to abortions, to too many doors, "We need to get down to one or two entrances in our schools you have the necessary exits for fire or course but we have to funnel students into our school so we can put eyes on them."

However, this is something already in place in the Natrona County School District says Tom Ernst Director of Student Support Services for NCSD, "Focus on single point entries into the buildings. Where the school is locked down throughout the day with the exception of one area and one area is monitored and the rest of those areas of locked, and in most of those school you have to be buzzed in to get into the school."

We spoke with one State Representative who is a former teacher and sits on the Education Committee. She says she understand the need for school safety, but also knows the money shortage hindering Wyoming.
"Whenever you put any kind of security, medal detectors in a school that costs money and so somewhere we need to find the funds to do those kinds of things to keep kids safe." Rep. Bovee adds, "And then I really think we need to have much stricter background checks before anyone can buy a gun."

NCSD officials always put student safety first and have systems in place for a reason. Ernst adds, "We need our schools to be safe and we do that through a combined effort between the schools and the community. Good communication if people hear something report it. We have our Safe2Tell system if they want to do it anonymously but again this takes a community effort we can't do it alone, which is why we need the community."

All NCSD staff are trained to RUN with your students if you can HIDE and BARRICADE in the classroom, and if all else fails FIGHT back.

At the time this story was written, there have been more students killed in school shootings in 2018 than service men and women killed in combat and non-combat operations combined this year.