NCSD Credit Card Purchases Were Legitimate

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The use of recent credit card purchases by Natrona County School District leaders raised some questions.

But district officials say the expenses were all part of the budget.
$10 million: That's roughly how much money Natrona County School District leaders spent on credit card expenditures between 2016 and 2017.

"These are expenses that we've had all along as a school district to simply operate to educate our kids," said Ryan Kelly, the NCSD#1 Business Services Director.

The money was spent on various expenses from travel to food.

While the amount is high, Kelly says the money is part of the district's budget.

"Inside of that budgeting is allowances for professional development which can include lodging and travel expenses."

"Each school puts in place the safeguards necessary to ensure that the credit card is used appropriately and on transactions that have solid education justification behind it," said NCSD#1 Superintendent Steve Hopkins said.

Kelly says the credit card system has been effective lately in keeping track of expenses.

They started using them a few years ago.

"It's become the most efficient way for us to conduct business."

Nearly 1,400 school personnel have a district credit card and each employee is taught about each card's purpose.

"We do train our staff well and they do sign off acknowledging the fact that this is a serious program."

Kelly says employees do make mistakes when making purchases with the cards, noting human error does occur.

But they end up reimbursing the amount when the error is realized.

At Saturday's press conference, Superintendent Hopkins says they submit each credit card purchases each week to the board of trustees.

It's a requirement, and the trustees always look at the expenses, before signing off on them.

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