NCSD Bus Hub Continues to Roll Smoothly

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Natrona County School District's Bus Hub is running smoothly for the fourth year in a row, according to parents.

The bus hub is proving to be a speedier and safer way for kids to get to school and home.

Starting in 2014 as a way to alleviate congestion and confusion for students getting to and from school and now it seems to be working.
Staff with NCSD said confusion still occurs and they recommend bus riders keep forms of identification in their back packs.

Sydney Webb with the district shared, “Our major issues are right at the beginning of school year and students not knowing their transfer buses or where they go or where they live. They have no identification. So where trying to rout students there at that time which delays our bus hub significantly so the more the parent can have that information on the student the quicker that we can get the students home that first couple of weeks "

Another hassle they see is parents dropping off kids at the bus hub.
Webb felt this to be dangerous.

“Increase traffic in the area and we also have an accountability piece of where students getting on and off buses so it’s very challenging for us if we have lot of students being just dropped off."

Parents told News 13 the bus hub has been a success but they have a message they want to share to other parents.

Parent Sami Dehoff said, “Sometimes it'd be more than one transfer now it’s just one and they get to school faster they get home faster they're not on the bus as long and I really like it."

Dehoff felt the previous student transportation didn't work.

She wants other parents to know, having your child picked up at the bus stop and then transferred to bus hub is the safest and fastest way to make sure kids arrive on time and safely.

Webb added they're trying to eliminate confused students by holding a practice run for elementary students only next Thursday morning at 7:45 am. Staff recommends being there early.