NC Students Help Make Wishes Come True

A group of Wyoming high school students volunteered by helping dreams come true.

Signs, dancing, and…

“Make A Wish!”

…Jubilation was abundant this weekend in Downtown Casper as volunteers support a good cause.

"It helps to dance and sing and wave because it makes people smile and they're like 'oh I should donate, so I think dancing and yelling helps more," said Libby Sanford, a NCHS student.

The effort was worthwhile with warmer weather providing a beautiful setting for this weekend.

"We usually do it in March when it starts to warm up."

This fundraising event is part of the Natrona County High School Council's partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The organization helps kids battling terminal illnesses by granting kids' wishes or their biggest desire.

Sanford has been involved in this fundraising effort throughout her high school career.

"It's just a tradition. We used to actually stand on the roof of Albertson's but now we just stand on the street corners, and we try to do it the weekend of state basketball cause there's more traffic."

A tradition that's difficult without team work.

"It's really cool how many people we have."

But this event also serves as a reminder.

"The cool thing about this event is you really get to kind of be reminded that there's still great people in the world. It's hard these days with a lot of the things going on in our world," said Maddie Horning, a NCHS student.

And the students saw the Make-A-Wish Foundation impact their classmates.

"There is a student in our school who has had their wish granted and it's so amazing. I love this organization."

More wishes could be granted as students from this weekend left with full jars ready to make wishes come true.

The amount raised is unknown, but students had plenty to assist the Make-A-Wish Foundation.