Mowing Lawns Across the Country

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Casper, WY Rodney Smith Jr. founded "Raising Men Lawn Care Service", and provides free lawn mowing to the elderly, disabled, single moms, and veterans. He got the idea when he saw an older man struggling to mow his lawn.

"So I pulled over and helped him out, and that night I decided to mow free lawns," Smith said.

The program does not only benefit the recipients, it is also designed to teach kids the importance of giving back to their community. Through the "50 Yard Challenge" kids mow 50 free lawns where they live.

A few residents in Casper were happy to have some of these men helping them out.

"I am very thankful since I have been on oxygen, and that's pretty hard for me to do simple things like that, so I am pretty grateful for it," said veteran Art Bennett."

Smith's next stop is Billings, Montana.