Moving on After an Astronomical Event

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The eclipse weekend was one for the books and forever changed the Casper area. Casper, Wyoming became the town that everyone talked about around the world during the eclipse festival. Fast forward a few days and Casper is now a town doing its best to recover from the astronomical event.

"We had a strong day yesterday, the day of the eclipse,” said La Cocina Owner Jim Childs. “So we are recovering from that, one day at a time."

"I think it was great for the town,” commented Kelley Faylor, manager of Bentz Old Town Pump. “I don't think as many people showed up as we thought but it was still great for all the other businesses and I'm glad they got supported."

Restaurants, gas stations, gift shops, and liquor stores alike are all playing a game of catch up, but are also looking forward to another event like this.

"I know we'll never top the eclipse. There just no way of doing it,” started Rob Piotter, Owner of Whitelace & Promises Gallery and Gifts. “It doesn't hurt to come up with some events that maybe will take and motivate downtown and get it going again with street vendors and a good time and get people to come to us."

"I think for the economy and for businesses down here would be huge,” said Urban Bottle co-owner Lauren Griffith. “But I think the community loved it. That's the important thing and hope we can do something like this annually or seasonally or something."

The eclipse festival weekend also set the example of what true customer service really means to everyone.

"That's what people deserve when they go out to eat,” Childs said. “They need your best. So that's what we try to give them."

"That's what I like to hear from a stranger coming in saying: 'Hey! We're so impressed with your town. Everybody's been so friendly to us and we're happy to be here.’” exclaimed Piotter. “We hope they come back."

The process of moving forward is in everyone's minds. Especially after entertaining almost double the population than what we normally have.

"We're going to hopefully step forward and maybe put in a mini convenience store here,” Faylor mentioned about expanding Town Pump. “I'm sure that will help in the future."

But for now, community members and business people are all just trying to breathe.

"It was crazy. But it was totally worth it though,” Griffith said. “I feel human today, again. But it was just so much to come down from."
And everyone is coming down from an event that was literally, out of this world.

Some businesses did profit a little more than others, however, many look to the city council wondering when can we put on something like this again.