Mountain Lion Shot Beneath Riverton Resident's Porch

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Some Riverton residents had an exciting morning when a mountain lion was found underneath a home.

The lion was found by a woman whose dogs’ were barking frantically in her back yard, she looked under the deck and saw a mountain lion looking back at her!

Police were called and they informed game and fish wardens who came and tried to tranquilize the animal.

Wardens believe this is the same animal which was found in Riverton only two days ago and so the decision was made to kill it.

Dan Thompson Large Carnivore Section Supervisor told News 13, “Based on the behavior of this animal frequenting a residential setting and its proximity to people and to children and to schools, and just a lot of public interest in this situation we decided the best option was to remove the animal.”

The lion is a young female, Thompson said she wasn’t pregnant and never has been pregnant so there’s no chance of motherless cubs out on their own.

Thompson also mentioned its important during these situations you not just call the police, you call game and fish as well.

In this scenario Thompson didn’t even hear about the mountain lion until seeing it on social media.

Tissue samples will be sent to a lab to see if there was anything wrong with the animal that made it act unnatural. The hide is be used for educational purposes.