Mosquito Population Declines; What are the Chances of West Nile?

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While you may feel mosquitoes biting when you're outside studies confirm the Fremont County mosquito population has declined.

We wanted to see if the drop has affected our chances of catching the West Nile Virus.

"What we’re looking for are the culex mosquitoes and they are the only mosquitoes that we have here which can carry the West Nile Virus.”
Fremont County Weed and Pest Assistant Manager Nancy Pieropan continued to report, “We have not yet seen any West Nile in any of the tests that have come back.”

She added this doesn’t mean the risk of catching the virus will decrease.

“At this time of the summer those populations do increase and start bothering people and animals more.”

“Especially this year because we had such a strong winter and there is a lot of standing water. Mosquitoes have been pretty stellar as of late. “

Local shops are aware of the risks and have tried to help people who are outdoors a lot.

Will Balis, associate sales manager of Wild Iris Mountain Sports told
News 13, “We make sure people are taking bug spray with them and head nets are always a plus people are willing to. There is even is some clothing treated with permethrin and netting mesh to keep the bugs from biting them."

Experts also said most mosquitoes are found in the city but can be as close as home.

“Look around your local environment, like your backyard to make sure that you’re not producing your own mosquitoes; drain that water. Make sure the dog dishes are cleaned out or the waiting pool that the kids aren't using because those can produce mosquitoes within a week because of the heat that we've been having."

The weed and pest will continue monitoring mosquitoes through the summer.