More Questions in the Dubois Death Case

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Dubois community members want more answers following Laurie Thompson’s death.

After the death was ruled a suicide residents hired private investigators to unearth different answers.

Questions still remain about the Thompson case.

Fremont County’s Coroner said the forensic evidence still points to suicide.

Mark Stratmoen shared, “A ruling can always be changed should new significant evidence arise, just for example in this case there’s some questions about the case that haven’t been answered, those questions however in this case are not going to change the basic forensics of what was found.”

Still, Stratmoen said there is some cause for doubt as is normal with almost every investigation.

“In a lot of cases you never answer 100 percent of everything, we work with reasonable, probable certainty in this case I am 85 to 95 percent sure that it’s a suicide.”

The biggest question, most want answered, how did the gun used to kill
Laurie Thompson end up in the microwave?

Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee, “We’d like to know how it ended up there, that’s part of our investigation, there’s a lot of details we will not release publicly however I can tell you we communicate with Ms. Thompson’s family on a regular basis and they are very aware of every step that’s been taken with the investigation.”

“The fact that the gun was moved which is public knowledge so I can talk about it really had nothing to do with the basic forensics of who had the gun in their hand when it was fired

Undersheriff Lee said having another pair of eyes to help look over details isn’t a nuisance, it's appreciated.

“It’s extremely helpful, we routinely send some of our cases to different agencies, and we routinely look at other agencies cases and review those."

Lee added the case is still classified a homicide.

Stratmoen said he understands the community and families’ concerns about the suicide ruling, but his job is to rule on evidence and truth not what people prefer or wish as a result.