More Bars and Jobs Could be Coming to Casper

More job opportunities and places to share a drink could be on their way to Casper soon.

Tonight city council members heard proposals from three business owners, each wanting one of six available bar and grill liquor licenses in Casper.

Among them were the owners of Guadalajara Family Restaurant, giving it a second go as they've tried to change their license in the past but were turned down.

"They come in, they ask for a bar. I'm just like, sorry we don't have a bar. They're like, you know you guys should get one," said Guadalajara Owner, Jose Michel.

Michel says a bar would benefit his customers more than it would him.

"Some people want to stay a little longer to have another drink or something and since we just have a regular liquor license for restaurants, if we close at nine that's the deadline of liquor.”

Other applicant's included a man hoping to remodel 100 North Center Street to create a Mexican-American bar and grill on the first floor.

As well as owners of the C85 branding iron who want to change the former Botticelli’s restaurant's retail liquor license into a bar and grill license. If awarded the license they would plan to hire up to 50 plus people.

They would also take the current retail liquor license and transfer it to another location in town.

While primary sales must come from food, a bar and grill license allows restaurants to keep serving alcohol after people have finished ordering food.

A retail liquor license allows for selling packaged alcohol like cases of beer.

No licenses were granted tonight since this was just the first step in the formal liquor license application process.