Moffat Facing 10 Charges of Meth Distriubution in Natrona County

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A Casper woman is facing five felony charges and five misdemeanor charges for her involvement in a methamphetamine drug ring.

Forty-year-old Christine Renee Moffat was arrested by the Division of Criminal Investigations and Casper Police for possessing and distributing meth in Natrona County.

Court records show DCI has been looking into Moffat and the ring since November 2017.

Through the DCI investigation, 27.7 grams of meth was obtained and Moffat and her vehicle were identified during the transaction.

Another incident showed Moffat in an exchange of 28.2 grams of meth.

A search warrant of Facebook messages was issued revealing the transaction conversations, according to reports.

On January 26th Casper Police found Moffat during a traffic stop.

During the stop, officers had probable cause to search the vehicle and K-9 Patrick alerted officers of illegal substances.

Moffat admitted to redistruubvting meth in Natrona Coutnty to five people.

She is facing five possession with intent to deliver charges and five misdemeanor charges of possession of pills.

She is being held in court on a $$25,000 bond.