Modern Day 'Cruella' Arrested Sunday in Stolen Cadillac

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Sunday night Natrona County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a woman who called herself, ‘Cruella' after she was stopped in a stolen Cadillac Escalade.

Deputy reports identify the woman not as 'Cruella,' but as thirty-year-old Shana Harper.

A person called deputies around 9:00 pm Sunday to report her car had been jump started and stolen by a woman who was speeding away along Highway 20-26.

Deputy reports say the driver almost lost control of the car turning onto Ten Mile Road after reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Harper initially told deputies her name was 'Cruella' after she had driven through two fences onto the highway.

Harper was taken to the detention center and charged with car theft, DWI, property damage, trespassing and eluding police.