Minor Flooding Expected in Fremont County

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Minor flooding is expected this weekend in Fremont County.

Temperatures above 9,000 feet, where the majority of snow pack still sits, are expected to hit 60 degrees late this week.

You should see both big and little wind rivers raise to what weather service hydrologists say are minor flood levels.

However, the big floods anticipated for Fremont County aren’t here just yet.

"No its not here yet, we're just getting our first really good melt cycle in late May early June and we don't really have any big rainstorms on the horizon,” said Jim Fahey, a Weather Service Hydrologist.
Fahey said when rain and heavy winds are above freezing temperatures, it’s the recipe for heavy floods.

Right now, the snow pack is slightly decreasing every day, and should accelerate in the next 4 to 5 days.

Snow pack levels remain more than 250% of normal.

To put it in perspective, right now, South Pass has 25 inches of snow, where a regular year at this time, there should only be around half an inch.