Mills Reaching Milestone Towards Becoming a City

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Mills is getting closer to becoming a city.

Mills will soon become a city instead of a town.

"It's something exciting for the town."

The town's population of nearly 3,400 makes it 600 residents shy of being considered a "first class city".

Projections show the town will likely reach 4,000 residents within a few years.

Under Wyoming law, municipalities with populations of roughly 4,000, register as a city.

When the census was taken back in 2000, only 2,000 residents lived in the area.

"Growth over a 17 year period is encouraging."

Casper city council members say they enjoy seeing their neighboring town thrive.

"The City of Casper has always had a good working relationship with all our sister cities," said Councilman Bob Hopkins.

Population size increases would also require changes.

"Just making sure that the statutes are followed and that the requirements that come with the 4,000 population number are met," said Mills Mayor Seth Coleman.

One requirement is hiring a CPA to conduct yearly audits.

"Which we've already done."

With the towns expansion, Coleman doesn't expect land annexation or ownership cutting into Casper's boundaries.

"All of the growth boundaries and all of that have been dealt with years ago, and it's all fairly well structured and set."

"It wouldn't be a major change for anything that's being done now, but I think it would be kind of unique to have that."

Mills becoming a city would also make it eligible for federal grant funds.

Hopkins believes it'll help both adjacent municipalities.

Once Mills becomes a city, it would make both Mills and Casper the first area in Wyoming to have two adjacent cities.