Mills Leaders Still Deciding What to do With Library

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CASPER, Wyo. Mills leaders hosted an open house Saturday at the Bob Goff memorial library seeking community input for operating the facility.

"Lots of ideas, you know, the different types of books, different activities, hours, days to be open and, you know, that's the main things that were working to figure out." Said Mayor Seth Coleman.

This comes after Natrona County Library officials announced they are closing this library March 29th.

Coleman and town leaders will own and operate the facility.

"If people didn't want a library then we'd definitely take that into account but we have hard copies, 50 to 100 surveys that I've looked through so far, and the overwhelming majority of them want a library to stay." Said Coleman.

One Mills resident we spoke with says this is more than a library, it's a lifeline for her and her family.

"We utilize the library for internet access for the children to do their homework that the school requires. We also use it for books and movie rentals. It's nice to be able to come to a library that's close to home." Said Megan Kennedy.

She says losing the library would also be a great loss to her community.

"It's beneficial to our community. It's beneficial to the elderly people who don't want to travel. It's beneficial to the younger children. Libraries are very important." Kennedy said.

You can fill out surveys on the library's future use at mills town hall or online until March 29th.