Millenials Missing Basic Survival Skills

Surviving in wilderness has been second-nature to humans over history, but many millenials today lack those skills.

According to a recent survey, millenials miss out on practical skills such as map reading, tying knots, and swimming compared to other generations.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack spoke with boy scout experts about the importance of having practical skills.

Tyler, what were some tips?

Brady, Wyoming Boy Scout Council Experts say carrying emergency supplies and food helps in any situation. Even starting a fire is important.

Nature, a beautiful but deadly force. That's why survival skills come in handy if you're stuck in the wild.

"Practical survival skills are pretty important, especially when you're in a place like Wyoming."

Practical skills that millenials miss out on today. According to a survey, only a third of people knew how to start a fire. Bodoh says you never know when those skills could be used.

"All the outdoor activities that we do in the state, you can find yourself in a situation where you need to take care of yourself for a few days."

And one boy scout used his skills after sliding 90 feet down a cliff, injuring himself.

"I made a little sling just to kinda hang my arm there so it wouldn't hurt as much. I had an emergency sleeping bag just to keep warm if I needed it I had some food with me, I had some hand warmers, I had a down coat."

"The problem with this day in technology is that we rely on our G.P.S. and our smart phones too much. However, experts advise you go the old route, and carry a paper map with you."

"Yeah I always think it's a good idea to have a paper back-up whether you're driving your car or you're going hiking. There's a lot of places in Wyoming where that cell signal just disappear for miles."

And two last tips for survival...

"Is knowledge and being prepared. Even if you don't think you need to."

Bodoh also says carrying a metal coffee can with emergency candles or matches helps create heat during winter weather, if you're stranded inside your car.

Emergency supplies, food, and water are also things you should carry inside your car.