Military Spending Budget

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U.S. military personnel may see budget increases for operations soon.
President Trump recently proposed a $54 billion increase in defense spending while other areas face cuts.

It's been one of his campaign promises to expand navy fleets, build additional air force fighter jets, and fight against ISIS.

The budget idea would lift military spending caps created by Congress and Obama administrators.

However, 60 senate votes are needed to lift those caps.

"I think it's important to increase spending for the military, it includes spending to actually give the raises to those people who are out there day after day keeping us safe, keeping us free," said Senator John Barrasso.

"It's really important that we make sure that we provide our military with the resources they need. You know when we ask our young men and women to go fight for us, to put their lives on the line. We've got to give them everything they need."

And Senator Barrasso adds he supports president trump's budget for proposed cuts.