Midwest Schools Wrap Up First Year Back on Campus

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Midwest School students and staff wrap up their first year back on campus after a gas leak closed it nearly two years ago.

School is just about done for students and staff at the Midwest Schools.

The sight of students and teachers filling hallways and classrooms gives it a sense of "normalcy" after what's been a roller coaster ride.

“Everything is going smooth.

"It's actually a relief to all be back. I think it's probably a relief to our community to know that our district worked hard to get us back in this building," said Midwest Schools Principal, Chris Tobin.

The campus closed nearly two years ago when a poisonous gas, benzene was detected in the school's air system.

A filtration system was later installed to fix the problem.

It wasn't until this past September when they were given the okay to return.

"We know that we have very clean safe air."

Students were bussed to Casper while this campus was closed, but now that they're back, they say there's no place like home.

"It feels good."

Jessica Alvarado was one of many students who rode the nearly 45 minute ride to Casper for classes daily.

She says the trip took a toll on everyone.

"It was difficult and then some of us had younger siblings and they're really not used to waking up so early," said Jessica Alvarado, a Midwest High School Sophomore.

The school's vacancy also resulted in their sports teams leaving town for competition.

But now, that school spirit is back on its home turf.

"More people are showing up because we're here and not everywhere in Casper."

"I just think it's important to realize what a big part our school plays in the heart of our community."

Now, they can close one chapter of the school's history, and start another.

No trace of benzene has been detected since the filtration system was installed.