Midwest Avenue the Next City Project in Casper

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Redevelopment of Casper’s Midwest Avenue is next on the city leadership's bucket list.

Business owners have had a few issues they want fixed.

We spoke to Midwest Avenue business owners and heard their concerns and what they expect from the development.

"Midwest Avenue is easily the most deteriorated arterial we have in Casper,” said City Councilman Charlie Powell.

The beautification of a run-down avenue is underway and council members felt it is about more than just making it road eye candy.

“There are safety issues but more importantly it’s an eye sore and really needs to be attended too,” said Councilman Powell.

Rebuilding the road, adding walkways and making it a modern street are all part of the plan, though business owners have their own want list.

Changes to Midwest Avenue could positively impact their businesses.

Business owner Daniella Hamilton shared, “We should get some better lighting down the side of street. People have a tendency to think there is nothing else down here unless they actually turn the corner and see that our lights still own."

"The streets could use a little help as well as the sidewalks. We have a more of a pedestrian fell down here now and it’s not a very inviting area to walk from business to business. Some of the buildings down here forgotten or abandon buildings could be cleaned up a little bit and not look like this is a run-down area of town since we are trying to renovate the Old Yellowstone District."

"Potholes like this one can be seen all along Midwest Avenue and the city has already started the process to fix them however one shop owner has taken action into her own hands to the fix the bumps and pot holes in front of her shop."

Another business owner, Patricia Abeyta-Smith commented, “”Tripping over the sidewalk which has a hump in it and so the superintendent of the building Lowell Lund came out and painted it yellow which helped but after we've watched numerous people trip."

Abeyta-Smith added the hump was dangerous and action needed to be taken to prevent injuries.

"Nobody fell thank gosh, but yes it’s very dangerous, very unsafe."

She hopes city management will take action in fixing a hump of a problem.

The redevelopment is slated to start in phases and council members are hopeful construction will begin next summer.