Meth and Substance Abuse a Continuous Problem in Wyoming

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The numbers of drugs dealt continues increasing.

Cops and other key note speakers at this year's "Meth and Substance Abuse" conference discussed issues with this "business".

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack spoke with a few of the speakers and organizers about the continuing meth problem in our area.

"Methamphetamine is a very addictive drug."

"Meth is still the king in terms of the drugs."

This and many other topics were brought up during the 15th Annual Meth and Substance Abuse Conference.

Many keynote speakers were either cop who made drug arrests or therapists helping addicts overcome addiction.

In Casper, meth arrests were down at one point.

Casper Police Detective John Hatcher shared, “We saw a decline in meth over the last I’d say seven or eight years."

But things have changed and arrests have increased lately.

It's due to drug marketing changes by dealers.

"These drug dealers will supply the need and so they have changed their formulas, so we have now in the last three or four years, methamphetamine coming back into our area."

And confronting drug dealers is also the most dangerous part.

Idaho Police Corporal Kevin Holtry was injured trying to arrest a gang member and drug dealer.

Cpl. Kevin Holtry shared, “We had to apprehend him and we knew he was armed and ultimately I was ambushed, I got shot five times, paralyzed, and lost my leg."

Meanwhile other cops said the drug epidemic is an ongoing battle in our area, requiring our constant attention.

"We need to work on this as a community to make sure we protect our citizens here in Casper."

And others said this conference provides that insight into this growing problem.

Heroin and pain killers are also among the most abused and dangerous drugs.