Memorial Day in Fremont County

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Memorial Day is for remembering fallen soldiers from every war.

Korean War Veteran Don Ryan knows that all too well.

"Today we're honoring all the people that have fought through all the wars as far back as we can remember. It's a special day especially for all veterans to honor our comrades we lived with, worked with, [and] fought with."

Eagle Scout troops stand by Ryan's message.

"I come up here every year to honor our fallen heroes," says Eagle Scout Laramy Connelly. "They've gone over and fought wars that some of us may never have heard about."

For some veterans, Memorial Day is about socializing with family and other veterans .

It is also a day for Don Ryan to sit quietly and think.

"I go back home, sit down someplace, reflect on all the stuff, think about all my experiences, all the people that I knew, take it easy, and see if I can get most of it dumped back out of my head again."

"We can never forget what they've done for us, we'll always be in debt to them," Connelly says. "They gave their lives and we can never pay that back."

Don Ryan will start by thanking the former men and women closest to home.

Roughly 1,600 war veterans are buried in Riverton's cemetery.