McGinley Orthopedics Names New CEO

CASPER, Wyo. It all started with a sketch on a napkin years ago.

These days, a local startup company reaches surgery rooms around the world.

They named a new CEO as the company continues to grow and see success.

"So as we're growing, as we're developing the company, as we're developing the business... one of the needs we saw is taking this company to the next level, taking us global, getting us out there in more operating rooms." Said Joseph McGinley, the former CEO.

McGinley orthopedics develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices for the orthopedic market.

It was founded in Casper back in 2012 to improve the standard of care in orthopedic surgery.

Products are designed to improve patient safety, surgical outcomes, reduce surgery cost, and more.

The company has patented "Intelli-sense Drill Technology", which was FDA cleared in 2015.

The device prevents common errors in trauma and spine procedures.

Over 600 procedures have been performed worldwide.

"When you talk about surgery and innovative technologies one of the things that I really cherish as being part of this is I get to be part of something that transforms surgeries. When you look at how surgeons are able to improve their practice, I believe in IntelliSense of what McGinley Orthopedics can do here. It really could be a standard of care so I'm excited to be a part of that. " Said Carl O'Connell, the newly named CEO.

The patented "IntelliSense Drill Technology" alert surgeons once they've hit bone and tell them what size of screw is needed for the procedure.

Company leaders say one of their priorities is getting Wyoming surgeons to use their products as none currently do.

The company's products are built in Glenrock and assembled in Casper.