Matthew Gomez's Family Works to Bring Him Home

CASPER Away from home and suffering from catastrophic injuries during a trip in Mexico, Matthew Gomez's family is working to bring him home.

Family members are waiting for an update on his condition, which is what they say the hardest part.

"The hospitals over there are not being very cooperative. Finally, he's in a place where they're starting to help him and start to mend his broken body finally..." Candace Contreras, Matthews mother-in-law explains. "But the struggles with the hospitals over there, they want the money now."

Ever since the accident, the Gomez family has been raising money however they can.

They have received support from close friends and Casper community members.

Matthew, though being treated for his injuries, cannot be moved due to his condition.

Everyone is hopeful that he will return home soon.

When asked if if he was hopeful that they'll be able to get him home, Matthews cousin Gabriel Hermosillo says he is very hopeful, as are his children.

Hopefully soon the Gomez family will be reunited.