Masterson Place is Getting a New Facility

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The home-away-from home for families of hospital patients on West Yellowstone in Casper is up for sale.

News 13s Justin Roth took a look at why the Masterson Place is for sale.

Everyone who stays at the Masterson Place has a unique or tough story of survival.....Myron Walker's sister has breast cancer and traveled to Casper for treatment. He says, a "Motels bathroom door is too narrow to get through with a walker so she had to leave her walker outside and work her way through the door well when she went into the bathroom she lost her balance she was lifting the lid on the stall fell and hit the sharp corner of the lid and split her forehead open."

Walkers sister needed over 15 stitches and that's when someone told him about masterson place.

Caryn Luberto is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation and they oversee the Masterson Place say its, "For anyone coming to Casper for medical treatment who needs a place to stay, so they can be coming here for surgery or to see doctors or for cancer treatments or whatever and its an affordable place to stay."

Parts of the masterson place were remodeled in 2005 now a little over ten years later they get a brand new facility.

Luberto adds, "It's all ADA assessable it will just have a lot more amenities the current one doesn't have and the current one need updating its an older type of building."

The new six million dollar three story facility will be across the street from the hospital. Walker loves the new facility idea and looks forward to seeing it built. "I think it's great and there doing a heck of a service here and for people like sister who's husband is gone and I'm here for more or less driving and helping her out that way."

"I can't say enough just put it that way and I hope that people that come to use the new facility there going to build if be respectful of that."

As for Walkers sister doctors are confident they can beat this cancer.

The facility is available for anyone in the state of Wyoming seeking medical treatment at Wyoming Medical Center. The new building is slated to be open by November 2017.