Mark Gordon Sworn in as Governor

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CASPER, Wyo. Monday, Governor Mark Gordon challenged legislators ahead of the upcoming season.

“You have done great things and we have much more to do. And I look forward to work with you all as well.” Said Gordon in a speech.

He stressed fiscal responsibility, even if it leads to tough choices.

“I believe our best times will come when we assure a reliable and fiscally prudent future. We must recognize that not all wants are needs. How we separate these things will be our toughest work in the years to come.” Said Gordon.

He also looked towards our future, as his grandson was born just six days after his election.

“I believe from the bottom of my heart that Wyoming can reach new heights and be a beacon for others. We can lead the way into a bright future if we focus on the world we want our grandchildren to inherit even as we address the issues that we face today.”

After the ceremony, attendees came to the public reception where they waited in long lines to meet the new governor and first lady.

“It’s pretty awesome. The line was quite long but he was personable and friendly and gave us a big warm welcome.” Said Amy Pierson, an attendee at the inauguration.

After the inauguration gala, it was time for Gordon to get to work.