Marijuana Use a Factor of 3 Highway Fatalities Outside of Lander

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Fremont County's Coroner told News 13 Monday, marijuana played a role in three highway deaths last month near Lander.

Reports showed all three, including the driver was high on marijuana.
Eighteen-year-old Darion Wheeler was driving with a fifteen and twenty year old passenger when Highway Patrol reports showed he lost control and swerved into the oncoming lane and was hit by a truck.

Toxicology reports just released showed Wheeler had over ten times the amount of THC in his system considered as impaired driving by NIH and the highway traffic safety administration.

Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen, "When it’s at the levels that we're seeing in these three fatalities it becomes a public concern because it’s in that regard not a harmless drug, no drug is harmless if you're driving impaired."

Because Wheeler was driving impaired, his death is ruled an accident, however the two passenger deaths are now ruled as homicides because of Wheeler's choice to drive while impaired was a willful act and caused the death of others.

The deadly crash records the first highway deaths for Fremont County this year.