Marijuana Summit Held in Cody

The legalized marijuana the people are using in Colorado is not your father’s marijuana. It’s much stronger and more dangerous. That’s the message from a Marijuana Summit held in Cody this week. The Summit was held to inform Wyomingites about the effects of legalization in other states.

In January, 2014, a student of Northwest College in Powell died after he jumped from a fourth story hotel window in Denver, Colorado. Levy Thamba had eaten a marijuana cookie. The autopsy report indicated the level of marijuana in his system contributed to his erratic behavior.
His friends on campus said the student from Congo in Africa was not suicidal.

College Ministry Staff Member Jennifer Valkenburg, said in April, 2014, “He just seemed like a very kind young man. When I would see him on campus he would wave and smile.”

Powell Police Chief Roy Eckerdt said after this week’s summit, “The biggest key in the conversation you hear nationally is nobody has died from marijuana. And there is probably some truth to that. It’s the use of marijuana that creates the psychosis that leads into an event that causes the death, which is what I understand that event was.”

Speakers at northwest Wyoming’s 2nd Marijuana Summit talked about the unintended consequences of marijuana legalization in places like Oregon, and Colorado.

A Board Member of “Smart Approach to Marijuana”, Ben Cort said, “This ain’t your granpas weed, this ain’t your dad’s weed. It’s not even my weed. I’ve been sober for twenty years. This was not even on the same planet as what was consumed ten years ago.”

Cort told lawmen, prosecutors, educators, and other Northwest Wyoming Community leaders the legalized marijuana in Colorado is much, much stronger.

He explained, “This is a genetically modified intense drug that has been built to get you high. It’s doing some really intense things from an acute and chronic standpoint when it comes to physical and mental health.”

Cort has written a book called, Weed, Inc, about the social side effects of legalized marijuana in Colorado. He told this audience the more intense marijuana leads to suicide, and real addiction.

He said it is sold in things like cookies and gummy bears.

He continued, “It doesn’t look like a flower that you smoke anymore. A lot of times it looks like a rock that you consume on a superheated needle. Looks like a piece of gum that somebody pops in their mouth right in front of you, or some ice cream that they scoop in a dish.”

Roy Eckherdt said there will be another marijuana summit in Casper April 24.