Manufacturing is Growing In Wyoming

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CASPER, Wyo. Government defense and aerospace contracts will bring millions of dollars to Wyoming.

"People are very interested in the rebuild of the missile system. So it's going to be a very big project." Said Dale Steenbergen of the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. "Total 93 billion dollars spread over the missile field which is in Cheyenne, Minot North Dakota, and Great Falls Montana."

Our local businesses can get involved even though we are half a state or more away from missile projects.

"Here in Casper, we don't have the Minute Man Missiles, but we have a lot of other great opportunities because of all of our large manufacturing facilities and fabrication shops that we have here." Explained Terry Lane of Manufacturing Works.

Manufacturing has the potential to grow.

"Millions and millions of dollars of contracts that are out there and Wyoming manufacturers have the same toolsets, same equipment, same gear, they can get involved in those contracts." Said Lane.

Innovation is the key.

"The thing that I've always been impressed with as the chamber director from Cheyenne coming up to Casper is that you really do have a nice pocket of entrepreneurial manufacturers here." Said Steenbergen.

The economic future is bright and space is the limit.