Man Sentenced to Probation for Abusing Child at Wife's Daycare Center

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A Casper man admitted to abusing a child at his wife's daycare center last September.

Today, David Lang was sentenced for the crime.

As part of his plea deal with the state, Lang was granted the 301 option.

The 301 allows those convicted of crimes to serve and complete a term of probation and then the felony is wiped from their record.

Lang is to complete 1-3 years of probation and pay more than $800 in restitution to pay for the cost of medical treatment for the child.

Court papers show Lang spanked a child three times leading to bruising on his behind.

The child was at a daycare center operated by Lang’s wife's at the time.

Child abuse in Wyoming carries a possible punishment of ten years in prison.

Lang is to pay close to $3,000 for public defender costs, money to the courts and to victim services.

A condition of his probation is to have no direct contact with minors and must notify the courts if he leaves the state.