Man Sentenced After Writing 30 Fraud Checks

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CASPER, Wyo. In January of 2018, Roy Davis was arrested for writing over 30 fraudulent checks in the name of an elderly woman.

Davis wrote the checks over the course of multiple years, which added up to over 30,000 dollars.

Judge Daniel Forgey listened to a victim impact statement from the victim's daughter and sentenced Davis to nine to ten years for each of the 35 counts of forgery which will all run concurrently.

He was also sentenced to four to ten years for exploiting a vulnerable adult.

Davis was ordered to pay back the 32,000 that he stole for restitution to the family.

17% of Americans 65 and older say they have been a victim of financial exploitation.

There are things you can look for to help protect your loved ones.

Check for unusual activity on their bank account, including ATM withdraw if they have never used a debit or ATM card.

Be wary of new best friends accompanying an older person to the bank.

Also, be watching for checks written as loans or gifts.