Man Hunt Remains Active in Teton County for Gerald 'Mike' Bullinger

TETON COUNTY, Wyo. (KCWY)- Multiple police and forest agencies have been searching the Teton National Forest since Sunday for a man suspected of triple murder.

The search for Gerald “mike” Bullinger still has yet to yield any results or clues.

Teton County Information Specialist Bill Kirk reported to News 13, “We have multiple federal and local agencies working on this, they’ve got some teams in the woods currently, they deployed a variety of different resources and as I mentioned its on-going.”

FBI and US Marshals searched a nearby subdivision for Bullinger earlier this week now they think he may be hiding much further in the forest.

Resident Jim King who lives in the search area shared, “They were real nice about it, came in and talked to us a little bit, went around and opened all the doors, went in and looked in the crawlspace, and the crawl space in the cellar and every place and had their guns at ready and they were all dressed up with their protective gear on.”

“The specific sighting of the vehicle was at the pacific creek camp ground, so that’s been the starting point but the thought is he could be up in the national forest pretty deep.”

King said he feels safe because living multiple days in the forest isn’t possible for just anyone.

“It would be hard, you would have to know what you’re doing, I don’t know what you would find to eat, and you’d have to be able to fish, wild game unless you had a gun, you’d have trouble getting something to eat, and the mosquitoes are really bad.”

Multiple national forest roads are closed, still there’s plenty of room for tourists to enjoy.

“In the Bridger Teton National Forest area at least the area of closure is pretty small percentage wise to the whole national forest and then in the park there’s just one road that’s closed, so as far as public access goes there’s still a ton of land, trails, etc, accessible but the areas right around the search we want to be extra careful with.”

David Siesel a visiting tourist shared, “There’s always something going around, you never know who has done what in your life when you meet someone so either live life inside all the time or go out and experience it.”

Kirk advised Bullinger may be armed and is dangerous and urges any suspicious behavior should be reported to the Teton County Sheriff Department.

Kirk says as time goes by, search teams will have to scale back as necessary depending on their information.

As of right now the man-hunt is still very much active.