Man Arrested After Disturbance at Yellowstone Motel

On Saturday Casper Police were called to 1610 E Yellowstone the Yellowstone Motel for a disturbance in one of the rooms.

Reports show on scene, officers spoke with the manager who advised a man, identified as Randy Amick was pulling the pluming out of the walls in the motel room.

Officers entered the room and saw the carpet completely soaked with water, coffee grounds and fruit all over the walls and food and a radio in the toilet, along with the water lines underneath the sink, ripped out of the wall.

Officers spoke with Amick who told police he had been ripped off by the motel.

He also said his shoe had become stuck on the water line underneath the sink and ripped the water line out of the wall.

As for all the water, Amick claimed the majority of water was caused by a leak in the ceiling from taking a shower earlier in the day.

Police spoke with staff at the motel who said Amick had been at the motel for three days and they had had seven complaints about him.

Following the investigation, police arrested Amick for disturbing the peace and destruction of property.