Making Sure Your Boat Is Inspected and Ready for the Water

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Many of us will drop our boats in a lake or river tomorrow but there are a few steps to take before we do that.

It is state law to have your boat inspected before entering Wyoming waters.

Game and Fish officers at watercraft inspection stations look for unwanted aquatic life still in or on the boat.

Mussels like Quagga and Zebra are not found in Wyoming but if they are they can be dangerous to the existing ecosystem and shoreline.

Kyle Haffeman with Wyoming Game and Fish says "for the boaters it’s very important to keep them out. They'll change the water, they’ll clear the water up and while you may think that is a good thing they're actually removing all of the nutrients from that water. So pretty much kills any native species in that water body."

Inspectors are also making sure all water is drained from the boat and a AIS decal is visible on your watercraft.

Haffeman says inflatable watercraft ten feet or less are not required to have a decal.

He says AIS decals can be purchased at the Alcova marina.