Make Sure You Pick The Right Pet for Your Family

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CASPER, Wyo. Animals young and old don't come perfectly trained.

You need to be able to dedicate time and love to help your pets smoothly integrate into a new living situation.

"So one of the best things to do is just to give them time." Explained Kayla Crawford, a trainer for Sit Means Sit Time is always a really really good thing because you have to remember they came from one living situation and now your putting them in a new one."

You may have a shy or hyper dog.

There are steps to take to make your dog feel more comfortable around you.

"Walking, doing activities with them to get them out and bonding and things like that are always really good to do with your new dog, your new family member." Said Crawford.

The hope is to find these animals forever homes, but sometimes it just does not work out as planned.

"I don't ever try to make people feel bad about that choice and we try to make it as easy and seamless as possible. Of course, we would always rather see an animal come to a shelter than get left on the street or in a bad situation." Said Craig Cummings, the director of the Casper Humane Society.

Before falling in love with a new furry friend, think about your current lifestyle and make sure they fit in it.

"really look into those aspects of them like if you get a really energetic dog, but your also really busy, it may be harder for you to um get that training and really work with them so that you have a really good relationship with them."

Puppies can be fun and super adorable.

Just make sure you have the time to give them attention and love.

This year, the humane society has not had too many animals returned.