Lusk Wyoming Two Years After Devastation

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Nearly two years ago, Lusk was devastated by a flash flood.

News 13s Justin Roth traveled to Lusk Wednesday to check on the recovery.

The process residents have gone through was tough but many businesses are back up and running as if it never happened.

It was called a 500 year flood. The small river swelled to 20 feet high in places. One word comes to mind when thinking back on the flood.

"Scary..." says James Santistevan was only six months into his new job as the Emergency Management Coordinator when the disaster struck he adds, "Not knowing all the ins and outs of my job to start with it was scary it was...yeah don't know how else to explain that."

His father's business suffered over $40,000 in damages. He explains it wasn't easy doing his job knowing his dad needed help. "I was helping neighbors one way but I wish I been doing it in the other way also.

One business owner recounts her experiences Julie Tollman is the Owner of Lusk Liquor Store she says, "It was dramatic our windows were all done out of the front and we had beer and liquor all over the place and our coolers were all over and you just did what you had to do you cleaned it up and started again."

It's hard to believe this little creek right here was the result of the Lusk flooding two years ago the water if we were standing right here would have been nearly eight feet above my head.

"We came into town and the water had been up to 5 feet so we had to gut it and start again" said Tollman, and that's exactly what many Lusk business owners have done, start over.

Santistevan says, "Hopefully everybody has gotten past that and is done there rebuilding and everything is coming together." No lives were lost during the flood so although most of the town has rebuilt. Its the memories of that day sticking with them forever.

Many Lusk residents told News 13 the experience was so dramatic they just couldn't talk about it.

The flood waters lasted less than twenty four hours and once they receded, Lusk residents began the clean up process. Not mattering who you were or who your friends were, everyone was helping.