Lowe's Helps Boost Boys and Girls Club of America

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Boys and Girls Clubs across America received a boost from Lowe’s, helping improve their buildings. One Boys and Girls Club in every state received 50,000 dollars to help renovate their clubs.

The Central Wyoming Club was awarded this grant, and staff members were elated, celebrating their ribbon cutting Friday evening.

"I just basically wanted to have something that would bring energy; something that would bring opportunity for doing some different activities," stated Daniel Uptain, the Social Recreation Coordinator.

Adding additional items to their recreation room, as well as renovating the gymnasium; club members have more opportunities to learn everyday problem solving skills.

"Since our building has opened, we've had over a million visitors in this building, so lots of wear and, and this is one of the more popular areas, lots of wear and tear on the floor. But we were able to redo the floor. But we also, with that, were able to put in a track in our game room. We're big proponents to healthier lifestyles down here," mentioned Branch Director Brian McCarthy.

And kids are excited to try out the new activities brought in to the club.

"There are two things I like to do. I like to come to the game room and I also like to go in the art room and hang out with Jonathan and do arts," commented Isabelle, a 2.5 year club member.

Receiving the grant gave staff members a chance to make the club experience more rewarding.

"This room really develops social skills in a big way,” added Uptain. “And I think this is one of the most positive influences on youths' lives."
With new looks and new activities, staff and members at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming have new outlooks, and are ready to create a brighter future.

For more information about the Boys and Girls Club, visit their website at www.bgccw.org